Thursday, July 13, 2017

Half Squares not Half Bad

Continuing on with the Long Time Gone quilt. Next up for me to work on were the Half Square Triangle sections.   There are a total of 3 sections in the quilt that consist of mostly half squares.   The first section I needed to make was this one:

Of course, my version would be all scrappy.  I turned to my stack of light fabrics and cut all the squares I needed.

I combined these with bits and pieces of leftover triangles from previous steps, as well as cutting some new ones:

The first section went together fairly easily, and I had my 35 half squares ready to sew together:

The second section of Half Squares, is a version of the traditional Cut Glass Dish pattern:

I tried a lot of different ideas with this one.  The first was to highlight the diagonal:

But then I decided to just highlight the central square.  I thought this might be a good time to use one of my fabrics with a larger print that gets lost when you cut it into very small units.  So I tried this one:

Then this one:
How about this one?
One more time:

At last, I chose yet another one, and I was happy with it:

So with two of the three Half Square triangle sections done, I turned to the the third section,  which is  supposed to look like this pattern.

It's kind of a Half Square triangle version of a Trip Around the World.  The finished size for this one happens to be the exact size of the House block that I want to use as my substitute, so, I have decided to use my House block instead.  Besides, there already is a Trip Around the World  block in the quilt.  Also, I like the idea that the House is going to be right in the center of the  finished quilt.

Here are the sections I have done so far.  ( Excuse the gloomy lighting on a cloudy day.)

Number of pieces in the Half Square Triangle sections: 131
Number of pieces in Long Time Gone so far:  1036

I've gone above the thousand pieces mark!

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