Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Peaky and Spike

I've been steadily working on Jen Kingwell's  pattern  Long Time Gone.   The next section of the pattern I chose to work on was the 60 degree triangles.

I happened to have this ruler set  from Quilt In A Day that was useful for making this style of triangle, so I was happy to find another use for it.

Unfortunately, the size I needed to make for Long Time Gone did not match the size in the pattern that came with the ruler, so I had to wing it.

I started with a strip of fabric and cut the central triangles from that using the ruler.

For the side triangles, I started with rectangles and cut them on the diagonal.

Because I was "winging it" I underestimated the size of rectangle I needed and had to re-cut them again.  Now I have a bunch of odd triangles left over, but I can use them later when I get to the pineapple blocks.

Eventually, I had all the triangles cut correctly, and I sewed them into units:

30 units ready to go!

Number of pieces in this Triangle section:  90
Number of pieces in Long Time Gone so far:  259
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  1. Look at all the stash you are using! It's going to be wonderful. I love when I find another use for a ruler that I've purchased and only used once.

    1. Me too! And this pattern has so many different things going on, that I got to use a couple other rulers too.


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