Saturday, June 17, 2017

Flying Geese in every direction

The next section of Long Time Gone that I tackled was the Flying Geese units.  The pattern called for three sections of Flying Geese, two of them fashioned in the Dutchman's Puzzle pattern, and the third units in a Chevron layout:

Once again, thankfully,  I had a ruler in my arsenal that would come in handy  It's the No Math Flying Geese ruler by Lazy Girl Designs.

I blogged about how to use it in this post back in 2012.  The drawback to using it for this quilt is that it is intended to make four matching Flying Geese, that is, all made with the same fabric, but I wanted a more scrappy look.   I decided to improvise.

I cut the large square as directed, but instead of cutting the small squares from the same fabric, I cut them from different fabrics.

I aligned the squares for sewing, but I only sewed on one side of the diagonal instead of two.

I cut it apart on the drawn line, and pressed the small triangles open.  Now I had one unit that I could use to make 2 Flying Geese,  and a few triangles left over.

For the next step, I added the third small block and sewed on both sides of the line this time.

When I cut them apart and pressed them open, I had 2 Flying Geese with varying background fabrics.

I sewed the Flying Geese blocks together and came up with these arrangements for my quilt.

Here is the 4-block Dutchman's Puzzle.  I chose the pink fabric for the center to give the block a focus point.

Here is the 2-block Dutchman's Puzzle.  I situated the darkest Flying Geese in the center of the pinwheel to (hopefully) give a sense of movement.

The third set of Flying Geese are done, but I haven't settled on an arrangement for sewing them together.  I may orient them differently.

All the Flying Geese units are done!  I have lots of triangles left over, but I know I will make use of them further down the road.  There are 24 tiny churn dash blocks to make next!

Number of pieces in the Flying Geese section:  168
Number of pieces in Long Time Gone so far:     427

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  1. Love the way you figured out how to use your ruler and keep things scrappy. Very clever! The Flying Geese look wonderful! And perfect!


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