Sunday, August 16, 2015

On the street where you live..

The first three houses are done, and the little street is taking shape.

Block three, on the bottom right, went together fairly quickly because it was the same pattern as Block 1.  Here they are, side by side, before the final seams were completed on Block 3:

I did a little fussy cutting for the windows, making sure the turquoise circles lined up in straight lines to suggest curtains.

Since the purple of the house was fairly dark, I chose the lighter areas of the roof fabric to provide a bit more contrast.  Love how you can manipulate different areas of a batik fabric to get different effects.

Saturday night found me deeply absorbed in preparing the pieces for Block 4. This took me quite a while because there are 5 different house fabrics in the same block, and maybe also because I was tired.  Okay, probably mostly because I was tired.   I cut into the wrong fabrics at least twice.
Hmm...I knew that orange fabric in the left photo looked familiar....
I already used it! 

I left the sewing for this morning, in case I had done something wrong.  Here is Block 4:

With the addition of this house to the first row, the 3 dimensional effect of the lights and darks is really starting to become visible.

Onward and upward!

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  1. It looks like it's coming to life! It's really taking shape. Keep going!!!

  2. It's looking good. Very three dimensional with your colour choices.

  3. Amazing houses! The purple circles kind of remind me of my macrame curtains in the 70's. I do love the contrasting colors.


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