Saturday, December 20, 2014

Friday night progress

I did my best to do some sewing on Friday night.  It was fun to think that others who were participating in the Friday Night Sew In were also working along in their sewing space.

I started with these two fun fabrics, and the intention of making a reversible  apron for a Christmas gift.

I got the pattern pieces cut, and the pockets made:

I even got them both sewn onto the apron fronts

At some point, I realized that I forgot to buy a set of "D" rings for making the neck strap.  I was going to keep going up to the point of making the neck strap, but then the lightbulb in my sewing lamp blew out and I didn't have a replacement for it.

I decided that fate was telling me to move on to something else, so I went downstairs, plopped myself down into my recliner with a cup of tea and finished knitting this:

It's a lap robe for a man.  At our last Blessing of our Prayer Shawls, a woman came up and asked us if we might have a men's lap robe.  We don't normally do lap robes, but decided to make one for her to give to her father.

It's a simple garter stitch with a few stripes, made with chunky yarn and size #15 needles.  It worked up quickly, and I am so glad to have it ready for her to give to her dad.  It kept my own lap nice and warm as I  worked on it, so I know it will work for him.

I'd say that the Friday Night Sew In was a success.  On today's shopping list is a pair of "D" rings, and a package of 60 watt bulbs!

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  1. You did good!! I ended up working on some knitting. I was too lazy to get off the couch and to the sewing machine!

  2. I think you are right - someone was trying to tell you something. The knitting looks great!
    Lovely you could join in FNSI - its always fun!!


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