Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 The year of the shawl

I have completed 3 more shawls for our Prayer Shawl Ministry.  This first one was called the "Veil Stitch" shawl:
The pattern itself was not hard to follow except that it was a repeat of 4 rows which were very similar to each other.  I had to keep a row counter going and check at the end of each row to be sure I was on the right one.  Overall, it does have a lacy look, like a veil:
This one was given to a Dot, a lovely member of my quilt guild who has been having trouble with her eyesight.  She sent me the sweetest note of thanks, along with a little, handmade needle case.  Of course I was not expecting anything in return, but that's just the kind of lady Dot is.

After the veil challenge, I wanted to work on something a little less intense, so I made this blue shawl:
The blue shawl was crocheted lengthwise, and had only two rows which were repeated.  I like how the bottom edge had a built in scallop to it.

I also made a knitted shawl:
This pattern for this shawl was originally for a baby's blanket with a vertical stitch pattern.  I adjusted the size to make a shawl, and added some purl rows spaced evenly throughout to give it a plaid vibe:
I'm not crazy about the way the edges roll a bit, but I hope that blocking it will help ease that out.

I'm very thankful that one of the women at my church started up a Prayer Shawl Ministry this year.  I know that I have benefited greatly by being a part of it, and by getting to know the other ladies who are also members.  I look forward to continuing into the new year.

Prayer Shawls 2014

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  1. I can't believe how many shawls you made over the year! Love that Veil Stitch shawl. You chose some great patterns! They're all beautiful!


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