Friday, March 21, 2014

A story of strings

A few years back, I made this blue and yellow string quilt:

Before I chose the blue/light blue borders I had planned on using up the extra strings to make a piano key border.  I made the border and auditioned it with the quilt:

I decided the piano keys were too much, so I rolled them up and set them aside, thinking maybe I could use them on something else someday.

I came across them during the big sewing room tidy-up and knew that the time had come to make them into a small quilt.  I did a little slice and dice and removed the more subdued blues and paler yellows, and added in a few brighter shades:
Then I combined them with some royal blue border strips that were leftover from another project that I can't recall, and came up with this:

I just knew those strips would come in handy someday.   I find it hard enough to throw away even the smallest scrap, and I think I might have to start even saving those.

Another find in the sewing room was a charm pack of Aneela Hoey  "Posy" fabrics.

I added in about 20 charms that I cut from my stash, and made this Springtime quilt:


  1. You've been doing a lot! I like your string quilt with the plain border too. The quilt you made from the piano key border came out great! Love the Posy fabrics. They made such a nice spring quilt! Love the bright and cheerful colors!

  2. I love your string quilt but this one you made with your leftovers is just gorgeous! blessings, marlene

  3. I love it when we find a fun project for leftovers. They turned out so cute. The String quilt is so beautiful. I'm thinking my next string quilt may be color coded instead of everything in my cupboard!


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