Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Who can resist a dog in a sweater?

My knitting sister, who has two little mini dachshunds, lent me this book:

It's a delightful knitting pattern book with a variety of patterns for both man and dog.  The authors are very serious about creating knitting patterns, but don't take themselves too seriously.  I mean, really, look at the hat on the cover photo!

The book includes other smile-inducing photos such as this cute little pooch admiring his canine couture:

The book also includes patterns for men's sweaters, like this nice geometric design:

The fun thing is that some of the sweaters are made to match the dog's.

How about matching socks for man and beast?

I can't imagine Toby leaving on a pair of socks long enough to even take a picture, but I bet the dog in the photo has nice, warm toes!

I'm not planning on knitting anything for Toby, his double coat of fur keeps him toasty, but it was still fun to flip through this book just to enjoy the pictures.

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