Monday, September 16, 2013

Game Night

Friday night was Game Night.

Sorry Toby, I'm not talking about  a game of "Fetch".

My local quilt shop had a Quilter's Game Night.  We played a little dice game called "LCR" for "Left, Center, Right".  All it requires is a set of the LCR dice, and some chips.

Admittance to the game was three charm squares per round, and we played 6 rounds.   Themes for each round were decided ahead of time, and each player brought three charm squares to fit each theme.

To start, each player gets three chips. Then you take turns rolling the dice.  You pass your chips to the left, center or right depending on which letters come up on the dice,  or,  you keep your chips if you get one of the dots.   The player with the last remaining chip wins, and gets to collect all the charm squares for that round.  

The game is fun and fast.  You might have to give away all your chips on your turn, but the next turn your neighbor might have to give their chips to you so you are back in the game.

On Friday  night, the themes were  Blues, Solids, Batiks,  Autumn,  Christmas and Stripes.  Everyone wants to win the Batik round!  I ended up winning the Stripes, which was the one fabric style I thought I would have trouble using in a quilt.  However, my friend and fellow player Gwen was happy about the stripes so I gave them to her.

Our hostess generously threw in some door prizes, and I ended up coming home with a nice selection of Batik Fat Eighths.
The object of Game Night was not really about the fabric, its about a night out with quilter friends and sharing some fun. But these Batik fabrics sure make me smile.

And speaking of smiles, here's what the same batiks look like when you sneeze just as you are about to take the photo...

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  1. I have to make it to game night one of these days! Those batiks are so pretty! Sounds like a nice night!

  2. Dear little Toby, he is such a pet.
    I liked the last photo, I thought for a minute you had been doing some felting :-)

  3. This sounds like lots of fun! I'm gonna ask my local Toys R Us if they have this dice game. But where do the chips go if you get C for center? Do they go to a big kitty in the center of the table? How many can play at a time?
    Your sneeze photo is a riot! good job!


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