Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hexagons and .....Hockey?

With the Stanley Cup playoffs in full swing,  I've been keeping my husband company to watch the games on TV.  I only keep one eye on the game, and the other on some handwork.  Strangely, I didn't have a current project to work on, but I did have this set of charm squares:

I also had a package of paper hexagons for English paper piecing, so I grabbed them both and sat down to work.  Now I have a growing stack of these:

I'm not sure just where this is going, but I am having fun just making them.  There is not enough fabric  to make a traditional hexagon flower, so these will be stitched together in random style.

There's another game on tonight. More sewing time!
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  1. They are going to be lovely. Such pretty fabrics.

  2. I plan on watching the game and making a hexagon tonight! Great minds think alike!! Hope the Bruins win! That last game made me nervous!!

  3. I love hexies. They are a great pass time :) I wonder how many you get out of one charm? Depends on the size I suppose.

  4. What size are they? and how many can you make with one charm? Just curious.


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