Monday, April 22, 2013

Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting

The shawl I was working on is finished. (well, except for dealing with some loose yarn ends.)  Here is the front view, on my highly sophisticated hanger-over-the-door display.

This is the back:

As I mentioned in a previous post, this shawl is knit from the top down.  After straight stockinette stitch for many rows, I threw in a row of  (K2tog, yo) just to change things up.  I liked how it looked, so I did it two more times as I neared the bottom, giving it 3 rows of openwork.  The last couple of rows were straight knitting to prevent the bottom from curling up.

I like the way the shoulder shaping helps to keep the shawl on my shoulders.

Alternately, I could wear it more like a scarf if I wanted to keep my neck warm.

As you can see from the green grass coming up in the background,  Spring weather is finally here, but the nights are still quite chilly and I have already wrapped up in the shawl for watching TV at night.

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  1. Love it ,it looks so warm and cuddly ,perfect for a cool spring evening .

  2. Wonderful pattern, great color. I like your open-work addition.

  3. So glad I saw your shawl. Beautiful work! It looks perfect. I hope to see it in person one of these days!


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