Friday, March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday

Despite the transition to Spring, for a lot of us it still looks like Winter.  I've seen several photos lately of bright yellow or purple crocuses bravely springing up through the snow, and I was reminded of this quilt that I made back in the early 1990's.

I've never written down anything about this quilt, so I thought I would blog about it to have a record of this stepping stone on my quilting journey.

I wish I still had the pattern so I could remember what it was called.    It was perhaps the 4th quilt I had ever done.  Looking at it now, I can see how far I have come since then.

My fabric choices were okay, although not very exciting.

My piecing was pretty good.  I had a few years of garment sewing under my belt, which came in handy.

I quilted it by hand, something I never do anymore.

The binding, however, is pretty awful.  I really had no clue about how to bind a quilt. This is just one of four very rounded and puffy corners:

I didn't know about joining binding strips, so I folded the end over the beginning and it's got rather a lumpy spot where they meet.  (Remember, this was before we had the Internet with it's vast array of helpful tutorials, how-to's, and instructional  videos.)   The smartest thing I probably did, which was more lucky than clever,  was to use a multicolored fabric for the binding so that the errors could hide a little bit.

Okay, so everybody has to begin somewhere.   I really liked how it turned out and actually entered it in the Challenge category of our guild's annual show that year.  The theme was "flowers", so I thought "Why not?".  Thankfully, the judge was kind and left me some encouraging remarks while noting that I needed to improve on my binding skills.

So that's the story of  my little "Spring flowers in the Snow" quilt.  I displayed it proudly in my front hall for a number of years.

One thing that strikes me about this quilt is that with it's white background, and a fairly large amount of "negative space" it sort of looks like a Modern quilt.

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  1. I think it is very charming and a great early quilt! I used to hand-quilt, too, nearly all of the time. Sometimes I wish I still did. Kudos too, for entering it!

  2. I remember seeing this quilt! I have some of the same fabrics still sitting in my stash. I think it's a nice way of remembering your quilt journey. And I don't think the binding is bad at all!

  3. I love it. How lovely to be able to look back on your early quilts. I used to give them away, but I have one EPP hexagon quilt and as you say, when I look at it, I can really see that I have progressed, although my binding corners are still a bit rounded! I think I've given up seeking perfection now and just enjoy the process.
    Have you labelled it? I wish I had done in the early years.

  4. I LIKE it! And, you're right, it does look quite modern. I think I still have a small scrap of that rose colored fabric with the roses printed on it. It took me many years before I could do a good binding. We live, we learn. Be well. Lane

  5. That's still very "now" looking. It reminded me. I have a quilt downstairs that I made in the late 60's. It's yellow and red tulips in the most polyester fabric. The colours are okay but the leaves are a very light green. Now I remember that I was going to pull it out one of these days and re-do it. Finally, a new challenge.


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