Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mission accomplished

I managed to finish the table runner I showed in my last post with a few days to spare before Mother's Day! 

Putting it out there on my blog turned it into a challenge to myself to get it finished

It wasn't a very big project afterall, and I had some help from these ladies:

Cranford is a five part mini series starring Judi Dench that was aired on PBS a few years ago.   It is based on the writings of Elizabeth Gaskell, and takes place in the 1840's in the small town of Cranford, England.   If you are a fan of English costume drama, I highly recommend you check it out.  The acting is superb, the story is sweet yet filled with drama, and the attention to detail for the time period is a treat for the eyes

If you were a fan of Downton Abbey  you'll find a familiar face in the character of Captain Brown who played Downton's Carson the butler.  Another familiar face to any Harry Potter  fans is Miss Pole, who played Hogwart's Professor Umbridge.  Miss Pole is the busybody of Cranford and provides the comic relief.

I may just have to purchase this DVD rather then rely on borrowing it from the library.  Who knows when another sewing deadline will be aided along toward the finish by such a proper group of ladies?  Thankfully, there is also a two part sequel entitled Return to Cranford  which is just as enjoyable.

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  1. I keep hearing Elizabeth Gaskell's name around town..this is the clincher, I think I"ll be quilting to this this week!

  2. Great finish on the table runner!
    My daughter and I both loved the Cranford Series--I'm pretty sure there was a second one--and we'd have been happy for a third and fourth!
    I can't remember if we watched them on a Netflix download or if we watched DVDs.

  3. Your table runner turned out great.

  4. I love the table runner. I'm a fan of British tv/movies as well. I think it is a lot of fun to recognize the actors/actresses in different roles. The most remarkable one for me recently was watching The King's Speech and realizing that Winston Churchill was none other than Wormtail from Harry Potter!

  5. I got my runner pieced, but not quilted yet. Loved Cranford. Enjoyed quilting while listening. Lane

  6. Congrats on your timely finish and thanks for the Cranford suggestion. I never heard of it but LOVED The Tudors. I will look for Cranford on Netflix.

  7. Table runner looks wonderful! Did you give it to your mom yet? I took my mom shopping today and got her a pair of shoes she has wanted for awhile. I also got her some other stuff and made her a mug rug!

  8. Oh, I loved Cranford! So many good actors in it. Sweet table runner!

  9. I love Judi Dench! Thanks for the recommendation!


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