Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fabric BINGO

Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks is hosting an online BINGO game which looks like fun, so I have decided to play along.  Each participant makes their own fabric Bingo card and submits a photo of it to Tonya to be entered in the game.

Here is mine:

Here is my list of words to go with my fabric:

B - Quilt  Scotties  Sailor Children Tulips

I - Ducks Bouquet Polkadot Stripe Basket

N - Daisy Circle FREE Puppy Stars

G - HumptyDumpty  Clover Goose Butterfly Rabbit

O - Clown  Flowergirl Bubbles Smilies Squares

It was fun to revisit my 30's repro fabrics and choose 25 squares to make up the card.  The whole thing was done in an afternoon.  For letters I used stickers that I had.

If you would like to play, you need to make up your Bingo card, post it on your blog and link to it on this post before April 22nd.  More information, including rules, prizes and a tutorial on making a fabric card can be found here.

Hope you decide to join in the game!

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  1. Very cute in the '30s fabrics! Thank you for linking up with us - we are going to have fun.

  2. Wow, I love this card. I wish I had thought of using my 1930's stash.
    Like the idea of stickers for BINGO so they can be removed later.

  3. Darn--Love this card--I should have gone to my 30s rather than my scraps! Yours is the BEST card I've seen!

  4. Oh, man this is adorable. I just got done logging it all down and gettingyou ready. But man you are making me want some 30's fabrics. I gotta buy some. I just gotta! LOL

  5. Lovely use of 30 fun!


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