Saturday, March 31, 2012

Valentine for Granny

I have finished the Granny squares quilt top:

My original plan was to put red borders on it, but when I saw them sewn on, I thought the large red outer border was too overpowering for the center squares.  Here is the "before" picture:

Faced with the prospect of unsewing the four borders, I decided instead to just trim them down instead and then add a white border.  The red trimmings won't go to waste.  They are just wide enough to use as binding.  I think a red binding will be just the finish this quilt needs.

I really enjoyed making this quilt, and am thinking of making another one using Civil War repros.

On the knitting side of things, I have finished the front of the sweater I am making for my son:

The shoulder shaping on the first side was less difficult than I thought it would be, but I had a hard time reversing the shaping for the other side.  The instructions tell you to work the same as the first side, just reversing the shaping.  I had to write out by hand the reverse shaping because I couldn't seem to keep it straight in my head.

Now it's on to the sleeves!

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  1. Great border save. I like the skinny red as an inner border much better.

  2. I sort of liked the "before" shot myself, but then I can't get enough red. I do like how you will be able to reuse the trimmings. That is something I would do myself!

  3. I liked both tops! They both look nice. I can't believe you've done so much on the sweater! I still have to see it!!

  4. Love red and white quilts. The sweater is really coming along.

  5. Pretty! Good decision on the border. A little red on the edge is a good finish...more was, well, too much.

  6. I love this sweater, I hope to be brave enough to start one soon

  7. The quilt top looks great!
    Looking forward to seeing it in
    your Civil War reproduction fabric.

    The sweater front looks terrific,

    Happy Easter, Auntie Em!

  8. Beautiful quilt! I agree the red border was too much. It looks much better with the skinny stopper border. I used to knit sweaters for my kids and they turned out well but I always had trouble shaping the opposite side as well. I'm trying to get back into knitting but I don't think I'll be trying anything that will have to fit a person. Afghans are as far as I'm planning to go so far.