Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ruffling my feathers

I was looking for a quick take-along project to work on while visiting my Dad in rehab and I thought a scarf might be just the thing.  I came across this pattern modelled by the lovely and talented Vanna White:

The pattern is actually pretty neat in that it is created with just 5 long rows from side to side rather than from top to bottom.

A quick look at the yarn selection offered at my local craft store and I found this pretty jewel tone variagated yarn:

I started the project on a Monday

and found myself crocheting madly at every opportunity.

Before I knew it,  I had completed the scarf and couldn't wait to see how it looked with my purple coat.

When I put the scarf around my neck, I felt more like this:

I guess if you're a queen, or a celebrated game show hostess you can rock the ruffled scarf.  But for me, I'm just not feeling it.

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  1. I should have taken a picture of you wearing the scarf last night!! Wish I had thought of it! It looked so nice on you. Happy to see you're blogging again!!

  2. Love the colours of your scarf and it looks perfect with your coat. Nice job.
    I made myself a scarf very similar, however, mine was knitted with a lighter yarn and it does not fell and look quite so heavy as yours.



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