Sunday, February 26, 2012

The fine art of Persuasion

The following conversation took place in my house recently,
 between myself and my very observant son.

Son:   I noticed you've been knitting lately.

Me:   (surpressing mild shock)  Oh?

Son:   I was wondering if you'd knit me a sweater.

Me:    (aghast)  What?  Really?

Son:   Yeah.  I've always wanted a hand knit sweater.

Me:   (squirming)   But, I already knit you a sweater.

Son:   Um yeah, but I was still in the womb at the time.  I've grown a little bit since then.

Me:   (adamant)  Still counts.

Son:   Come on, Mom.  You're a really good knitter.

Me:   (on guard now)   Sweaters are really hard, and take a loooong time.

Son:   But you knit a whole afghan in just a couple of months..  How hard could a sweater be compared to that?

Me:   (trying to dodge a bullet here)  But, a sweater is more than just a big rectangle.  A sweater has to FIT.

Son:  I'm sure it will come out just as nice as the afghan did.

Me:  Did you take a close look at that afghan?  Besides, afghans stay at home.  Sweaters are worn in PUBLIC.

Son:  I promise I'll wear it, no matter how it turns out.

Me:   (trying another tactic)  I don't really know why you want a hand knit sweater anyway.  You have plenty of sweatshirts, turtlenecks and polar fleece tops to keep you warm.

Son:   Because having someone knit you a sweater makes you feel really special, and wearing it is like wearing a hug.

Me:   What color would you like?

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  1. Cute! Does he have you wrapped around his little finger or what?!

  2. Guess he knows just what to say to get that hand knit sweater! Can't wait to see your progress!!

  3. I lmao when reading this because I have 3 sons. I can see this conversation happening with one of them. This made me smile. Good luck, I would be lost.

  4. He really got you there. There was no turn down to that one. Lane


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