Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A bright spot in the middle of winter

On Superbowl Sunday, my local quilt shop had a sale on fat quarters for just $1.00 each.  I didn't have any project in mind, but being a curious quilter, I went to the sale to see what spoke to me.  I came home with this:

The bag looked like winter, but on the inside, it looked a lot like Spring!

How could I resist these luscious colors?

Take a closer look at the fabric on the bottom there.  So cute!

I have absolutely no idea where I would use a fabric with a jump roping girl on it, but I just had to have a fat quarter in my stash.

I started thinking ahead for Mother's Day and bought some yardage to make a table runner for my Mom. 

I'm going to use a free pattern found here. 

How nice to ward off a winter chill by playing with fabrics that remind me of Spring.

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  1. Love your springtime fabric! The little girls fabric is so adorable! I also like the table runner you're going to make. Looks like a nice quick project! Hope you post pictures when you're done. I'm trying to catch up today after working the last few days. I have no energy.....

  2. What a great idea for a quilt shop on Superbowl Sunday. Get everybody that's not into football into the store. And, your purchases look terrific...like you said, spring in a bag. Lane


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