Friday, November 11, 2011

Seasons change and so do I

When I was a kid, there were two seasons of cleaning:   Spring Cleaning and Fall Cleaning. Now, don't ask me if I still adhere to such fanciful thinking, but I have been doing a little more than just dusting and vacuuming in the sewing room this past week. You see, we are having the windows replaced in that room, and all my sewing stuff is right up against the window.

In order to have access to the window, we have to move my sewing cabinet and all the lovely things I had stashed behind it, (and under it) ...bags of scraps, bits of batting, leftover items from my garment sewing days, cross-stitch patterns, embroidery floss, and a few linens given to me for safe keeping when my parents downsized.

Of course, a good cleaning means sorting and cleaning out everything else in the room, right? So this week I have been going through the heaps of fabrics that needed to be put away, the books and magazines that needed filing, the gizmos and gadgets that cluttered up my cutting area and the assorted stuff that ends up in the sewing room.

Also being cleaned up and sorted was the tree that fell outside our house during the storm last week. We had to have a crew come with a crane to take down what was left of the tree. It's not often you look out your second story window and see this:

Of course, Toby wanted to see what was going on too:

But Shorty couldn't get up high enough to get a good view.

Not to worry! There's always an alternative:

We are nothing if not resourceful around here.


  1. I hate fall and spring cleaning! I don't think I do the kind of job my mom does! I won't tell her! I'm afraid if I clean my sewing area, I won't be able to find anything! Better to keep it the way it is! That tree looks scary outside your window. Hope you find time to sew!! Too much cleaning is bad for you!

  2. I cleaned the sewing area not long ago, but it could already use it again. That's the way with the areas we use most, eh? I'm with Toby. I'm fascinated by the tree guys pulling themselves up and down the tree. I watch my guy through the dining room window from the time he gets there until he leaves. My excuse is that I have to watch in case he falls. But, it's like watching the high wire at the circus. All I need is cotton candy! Lane

  3. My sewing room really needs a good cleaning. I did a little bit of straightening up in there, but what it really needs is CLEANING!

  4. My sewing room is also due for a good cleaning, not sure when that will happen though.
    Tody just wanted to go out and "help" with the downed trees. You must be glad to get that cleaned up, I know I was last weekend when the tree guys came with the chipper. Not that the limbs are gone, we can tackle the leaves:)


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