Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And now for something completely different

 I picked up a charm pack of Moda's Fresh Flowers and decided to make a small project while I waited for inspiration to strike on the borders for my Kaleidoscope.   After working with the cool jewel tones of my last project, I was ready to dive into a new color palette.   Aren't these just yummy?

I chose a 3 inch paper pieced heart pattern from Carol Doak's book "Show me How to Paper Piece" and cut up a few charm squares into 1 1/2" strips:

Before I knew it, I had made several of these:

I chose a garden print for the border, and a yellow fat quarter was just the right size for the backing.  By the next day, I had the top finished, basted and machine quilted with a little stitch in the ditch.  Binding was done that night while watching "Les Mis" on PBS.

Here's the little cutie all finished.

I can't tell you how satisfying it was to see a project get finished!  I hopped in the car and brought it down to the quilt shop to show Maryann.

After leaving the shop, I went across the street to the nearest home goods store, and this display  is what greeted me as soon as I walked in:

I wanted to buy them all and bring them home just to display along with my quilt!

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  1. Such a cute little quilt. And its done!!

    Really, you should have bought all those dishes since they match the quilt so well.

  2. That is such a cute quilt. Love those bright colors.

  3. Very cute quilt and a nice, quick finish. I love those. Lane

  4. I love the colors! I've been stalling on the Kaleidoscope as well and finished off another quilt in the process - a very satisfying thing!

  5. That little quilt is the most adorable thing EVER!! I love the bring colors---it just shouts "Spring". And ooooh I would have wanted to bring all of the dishes home with me too. :)

  6. Oh what a cute quilt and I love the home good store, we just recently got one here. I got a blue dish just like the orange one you show there on the middle shelf, love it.


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