Monday, January 10, 2011

To fix or not to fix…

I’m working on making a sample for the quilt shop.  It’s an awesome pattern called “Twister” by Debbie Tucker, and I will be teaching it as a class when I am done.  I’ve been rushing a bit because of a deadline, which means I’ve been piecing past my bedtime, which inevitably leads to mistakes. 

Here is an EQ6 rendering of what the quilt is supposed to look like:
Twister Awesome, right?

And here is what mine looks like:
Twister mistake
Look carefully.  The mistake is in the pieced borders on the right and left side.  I should have rotated the blocks another 90 degrees before I sewed them together.  Gah!

Here is a side-by-side comparison.

 I don’t have the time to rip out all those stitches and re-do them, so I’m going to have to go ahead and display it as it is. In the one on the right, the two long pieced borders merge into the solid navy outer border.   Do you think the overall design suffers too much from my error?


  1. Not at all I kind of like your version better LOL .We're to critical of our own work , no one will know unless you tell them .

  2. I think I like your "representation" better. I like how the pieced boarder merges into the dark blue.
    Linda (LRN)

  3. No. I like it and would actually have preferred the "mistake" all the way around. You can just say you wanted to give people options. Lane

  4. I do like your "mistake". In fact you should have done that "mistake' all the way around. It lightens the quilt up more and pushes my eye to the middle more that the original version does. So there ya go!

  5. I like the mistake better, too. I don't know why, I just do.

  6. I like it also! And it gives your students a look at two approaches for the pieced border.
    Looks great!


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