Friday, December 3, 2010

Lefty Lament

I'm a left handed person.  There.  Now you know.

Actually, I write with my left hand which makes me a lefty, but I actually do a lot of other things with my right hand.  For example, I knit like a right-handed person because my right handed mother taught me that way.  I also throw a ball with my right hand, and bowl with my right hand. 

This either-handedness (is that a word?) comes in handy when I'm rotary cutting.  I can cut with either hand.  That annoying first cut to straighten the edge before cutting a strip to size is not a problem.

So, where IS the problem?

Well, I've started writing some instructions for a quilt class and I realize that my left-handedness might be an issue.  For example, take a look at this photo:

In my lefty world, that is how I would draw a line...ruler in the right hand, pencil in the left.  But I realize that would be backward to most people.

This photo is part of a step by step guide I wrote for mitering corners, and until I looked at this photo, I didn't realize that the whole way that I miter corners is probably backward to a right hander.  So, do I retake the series of photos to show the process  all in the opposite direction, or do I just assume my students will make the adjustment on their own?

I'll have to think on this a bit, but I would really welcome your input.

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  1. Can you turn your photos to a mirror image? That way, it would look right handed and you wouldn't have to repeat the process. I know mitered corners are a lot of work to reproduce. Good luck. And, I'm a lefty, too. Lane

  2. I just don't know Em...I'm reversals challenged enough to get major headaches trying to 'think it backwards'...LOL
    I do think you're correct(almost said right) in that it's backwards to a "righty". Good to see your post again. Sending hugs, Finn

  3. The pictures I did see from the deleted blog looked great! I thought you did a good job. Post 'em anyway with a disclaimer. Maybe lefties would like to see them!


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