Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I  wanted to see if I could upload a video to my blog.  Of course, my best and cutest model is Toby.  Here he is playing Fetch in the snow.

The snow was deeper than Toby's legs are tall, but that didn't stop this little guy from chasing after the ball.   He reminds me of a rabbit hopping across the snow.  He was exhausted afterward, of course!

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  1. Your video turned out great ,Just look at Toby is he having fun or what LOL .

  2. My pup loves sticking his nose in the snow - it's beyond me because I don't like sticking any part of ME in the snow!

  3. Great job on getting the video posted! I haven't attempted much of that technical stuff as yet...LOL. Here's wishing you the happiest ahd healthiest of new years. Hugs, Finn


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