Monday, October 4, 2010

October weekend

A busy weekend here in my neck of the woods.  My husband and I travelled 500 miles round trip to visit with family.  A lot of driving for one day, but the beautiful colors of Fall have started making their appearance and made the drive very enjoyable.  It’s not peak foliage yet, but it’s still pretty. 

curly tail Today I took Toby for a walk, and then we stopped and chatted with a few neighbors.  While we were standing there,  a car pulled up with a man and 3 kids.  He said that they were on a scavenger hunt for their church and one of the things they had to find was a person walking their dog.   He asked if they could take a photo with Toby.  Of course, Toby was delighted to oblige, so they all got out of the car and we got the picture.  The whole thing took about one minute and then they were gone on their way looking for the next thing on the list.


  1. I still think Toby is just the cutest thing! I always loved scavanger hunts when our kids were in youth group. They had such fun with it!

  2. I love the fall foliage. I don't mind the commute this time of year.


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