Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Sewing Buddy

When our family adopted Toby as a puppy last year, I had visions of him being my companion in the sewing room, blissfully sleeping at my feet while I sat at my machine, like so many other dogs in so many other bloggers quilting rooms that I had seen.

I am happy to report that  now that Toby has been with us for a little over a year, the concept of sewing companion is ever-so-slowly starting to take place.

After a vigorous game of “fetch”, followed by a long refreshing drink of water, followed by a good gnawing session on a rawhide, I finally got Toby to settle down on an old comforter that I placed under my sewing table.
sewing buddy

He settled in contentedly for about ... 20 minutes. 

Then I looked down, and saw this:

sewing buddy part 2

Maybe it was the electric cords, or the contents of the storage bins on the shelf, or just wanderlust, but Toby had inched his way off the comforter and towards trouble.  My sewing session was over at that point, but at least  I had experienced  a little taste of what it’s like to have a sewing buddy.

Although, a true sewing buddy would probably not have done this to my favorite thimble:

Does this face say “Guilty” to you?

work in progress
Yeah, I thought so too.

I guess that “Toby the sewing buddy” is still a work in progress.   I just hope he doesn’t become another UFO.


  1. I see some genuine sorrow in that last photo, which makes me think he will become the buddy you desire:)

  2. He is the cutest guy! Don't you just have to forgive him when he's a little naughty? The good news is they calm down considerably after the age of 2 - unless they're Jack Russell Terriors. I think he'll make it!

  3. I'm still chuckling - that thimble takes the cake. Duncan will come downstairs to my sewing room and alternate sleeping in his basket and then moving to the floor, but Hamish prefers to stay upstairs - unless my quilting friends are over - then he's right in the thick of things :o) Keep up the encouragement for your guy and he'll probably settle down and be your sewing buddy that you dream of.

  4. Actually, that face is so cute and angelic that I would have a hard time finding fault with your buddy. The cats are not much better. They keep pacing around the table, and now the grey cat has decided to be my buddy too. So two cats are now vying for my attention. I have to give them their own blanket or they think the quilt I'm working on is made for them to sleep on.


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