Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New project

I have a quilting friend who is opening her own quilt store and she has asked me to make up some store samples of a pattern she designed.  I can’t show you the quilt top, but it involves some of these:
blue yellow project 1
and a lot of these:
blue yellow project 2 
Since this is “One Flower Wednesday”, I thought I’d keep with the theme of blue and yellow and show you the blue flowers I have finished:
blue hexies
Back to the sewing machine….


  1. Always loved blue and yellow together....can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Oh my goodness!~So beautiful! I made a blue, white & yellow quilt once and gave it to my neighbor. She adored it! Every time I'd see her she would go on and on about it... Miss her so much! She was an old Carnegie lady and we lost her about 2 years ago now. SOOOO glad I gave it to her, as it brought her such joy. Didn't mean to run on, but that is what your lovely flowers reminded me of today! HAPPY THOUGHTS! Now I'm inspired to make another! :)

  3. Mmmm! Blue and yellow. One of my favorite combinations. Lane

  4. I love your blue and yellow flowers! They are quite small, right? I have a few of the fabrics too and so I know the size of the patterns.
    Very cute! :-)

  5. Oh those are such beautiful flowers! I love the blues.

    How nice that your friend has asked you to help with some store samples. You will have lots of access to some good things!

  6. How nice for your friend, I wish her luck with it. Love the flowers.

  7. What lovely blooms you've made, I really like the blue fabrics.

  8. Blue and yellow, a great combination!!


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