Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toby’s new love

There once was a pup named Toby who loved his tennis ball more than anything else in the world.
ariz 001
The tennis ball was Toby’s best friend. 

They shared lots of good times. 

But as much as he loved his tennis ball, Toby knew that it  was a one-sided relationship.  Sometimes he wished he could have a real friend to play with.
ariz 01

Then one day, someone new moved into the neighborhood.
ariz 1

Toby wasted no time running to meet her.
ariz 1a

They exchanged pleasantries.
ariz 2 

Toby ran a few circles around her in order to impress.
ariz 3

Then he resorted to playing  Mr. Cool.
ariz 2a

After a while, he won her over, and even introduced her to his friend the tennis ball.
ariz 4
Then, being a true gentleman, Toby saw her safely home.
ariz 5
The End

Toby’s new friend was recently adopted by a neighbor of ours.  Her name is ‘Arizona”, and she is a 6 month old collie/basset hound mix.   Toby is also part basset hound, and they both have the bassett’s  long body and short legs.  They are pretty close in age, so they share a similar energy level.  I hope Toby and Arizona get to be friends for a long time.


  1. Awww, cute pictures. You got some great motion shots. I especially like the first picture.

  2. What a great story --well told-- and documented with adorable pictures. Hopefully they'll have many happy adventures together.


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