Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sewing Box facelift

In my last post I showed you this sewing box and the vintage buttons it contained:
Sewing box
After the buttons and notions were removed, I found that the satin lining of the box had ripped away from the bottom in a few places.
Sewing box damage

You can see that behind the satin lining is actual wood which is something you don’t see in a modern sewing box.
Damage detail

I didn’t think I could repair the existing satin, so I went to my local JoAnn’s and bought some co-ordinating ribbon and fabric:
ribbon and fabric

With a lot of patience,  a challenge to my dexterity and some ribbon and glue, I managed to connect the sides of the satin lining to the bottom.  Then I created a new bottom by covering some cardboard with lightweight batting and the fabric.  Voila!

My Great Aunt Florence's vintage sewing box lives on  to carry the sewing notions of a new generation.   Granted, I will be very careful not to overload it with buttons this time around.


  1. That look super. It is so nice to have something of old especially when it belonged to a relative. I think Great Aunt Florence would be happy to see it redone and being used.

  2. You did a great job repairing your Great Aunts sewing box, I am sure she would be happy knowing that it is almost as good as new. Enjoy using it.

  3. Good job with the repair. That is such a pretty sewing box.


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