Monday, January 4, 2010

When does a puppy become a dog?

Dog birthday_001

According to the best estimates, Toby was born on New Year’s Day 2009, so the new year meant that he’s now a year old.  (Don’t tell Toby, but we let him think that the fireworks and celebrations that we watched on TV were all for him. )

Although there is lots of snow on the ground, it doesn’t stop Toby from enjoying a good game of Fetch.  In fact, it means there’s an added bonus of digging in the snow for the ball.
toby snow 5
Doesn’t this photo make you think that Toby might be part Siberian Husky?
toby snow 4

Hey Toby!  How would you like to race across the snow as part of a team of sled dogs?
toby snow 3
No, I didn’t think so.
Toby snow


  1. Happy Birthday Toby! I have one Maltese that adores the snow, and another who thinks it is torture and should be banned by international convention.

  2. Happy Birthday Toby!!

    I think the general idea is they are pups until they are 2. Our little gal turned 3 today and know one told her that she is all grown up. She still thinks she is a sweet and innocent lil pup.

  3. I think it depends on the breed. We had a Golden Retreiver and they don't reach doghood until they are two. It takes a few more years for their brains to catch up *LOL* Toby sure is enjoying the snow.. that's great. Happy Birthday Toby.


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