Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Double Duty

Karen, over at Sew Many Ways posts every week with a "Tool Time Tuesday" idea where she shows interesting new uses for ordinary objects.  It made me think of a couple of items I have on my cutting table that have been re-purposed from the stationary aisle.   One is a pencil holder, and the other is a letter holder:

Together, they make great holders for rotary cutting tools.

I put a few pieces of batting on the bottom of the letter holder to protect the edges of the rulers, and I covered a cardboard circle with batting and fabric to give some cushioning to the points of the scissors.

Very handy to have on my cutting table, and the bottom of the pencil holder doubled as a template for a circle when I needed one:

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  1. Such great idea's ,thanks for sharing .I'll have to check out Sew Many Ways blog ,thank you

  2. Great tool storage ideas. I too will have to check out that blog. Thanks.

  3. That is a great idea. I like the one for the rulers. Karen

  4. Wonderful, yet simple ideas - I love them!

  5. Great ideas Em, thanks. I have a holder for my ruler but it's getting crowded. The letter organizer would be great for my small ones.

  6. Great minds think alike! Check out my blog


    and you will see how I use the same containers!

  7. I have a letter holder that I use for the same purpose. My smaller acrylic templates and rulers are easier to find that way. I have a couple without holes for hanging too so they are always in there.

  8. Clever ideas for items that are standard office stuff.


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