Sunday, December 20, 2009

Be careful what you Don't wish for....

Every year our quilting guild has a Christmas party for the December meeting.  The planners always arrange to have the tables set up with centerpieces that are usually quilt-themed, and alway festive.  In the past, I have hoped to be the lucky winner of the centerpiece, but I hadn't been lucky enough. 

This year, each table had a beatiful Poinsettia plant as the centerpiece.  Knowing that poinsettia's are potentially dangerous if ingested by dogs, I did not want to be the one to take it home, so when it was announced that the person with the blue painters tape stuck to the bottom of their chair was the lucky winner, I didn't rush to get up to look.

One by one, my tablemates stood up and flipped over their chair to look for a patch of blue tape, but nobody found it.  Eventually, I flipped over my chair, and, of course, I was the lucky one.

So, the plant came home with me, but I'm giving it to my parents who do not own an almost-grown puppy.

In this household, even Santa isn't safe......

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  1. Isn't that always the way? At least you now have a free gift to pass along some Christmas cheer lol.
    Very cute puppy though, he's worth giving up a plant or two ;)

  2. Yeah that figures. I am sure your mom will enjoy it.

  3. Em, you have all the luck don't you?? I agree, I think your parents would love it !! I'd rather have the dog !! So from now on.....stop looking under your chair, okay??

  4. Wouldn't you know, this would be your year. Better luck next time. Lane


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