Monday, November 9, 2009

That 70's Show: the fashion episode

I'm at a crossroads right now with my quilting.  I can't decide what I want to work on next.  There are so many possibilities, I can't seem to get started on anything.  I've been flipping through the books on my shelf and I came across an old pattern book that someone (who shall literally remain nameless)  gave me when she heard that I had taken up crochet.  It's the Woman's Day "Crochet Showcase", from 1979.  

With the word "showcase" in the title, one expects some cutting edge fashions, and this book did not disappoint.

A gladiator inspired vest with capped sleeves that resemble battle attire.

Katrina thought this funky vest was great fun, until she tried to put her coat on over it.

A stylin' bikini with cute matching ruffled bonnet to show that a girl can be sexy and innocent at the same time.

Louise wondered why all of a sudden all the boys wanted to take her swimming.

I've always wondered what you were supposed to wear underneath these lacy camisole tops.

I'm so rich and sophisticated that no one dares to tell me that my top has lots of little holes in it.

A little jumper that only Rainbow Brite would want to wear.

Even at  3 years old,  Bonnie knew that all the kids were going to make fun of her when she wore this to preschool.

The crocheted wedding gown was a lovely idea, and the finished product might have been beautiful in the right surroundings, but who paired it with the alien headdress?

Sweet Sara was so very  touched by her Nana's grand gesture, but when it came time to wear it with the headpiece Nana picked to go with it, she couldn't bring herself to make eye contact with anyone in the wedding party.

Had to include this one, not because the fashion was funny but because I think this is an early example of supermodel Beverly Johnson's work.  Isn't that her?  Shows what talent she has that she can make patchwork pockets look chic.  I actually think this design has merit,(Hello! hand warmers!) but maybe that's just the quilter in me talking.

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  1. My goodness look at that wedding dress ,its beautiful .Thanks for sharing .

  2. *LOL* I actually remember all the patterns like that. I did't have a chrocheted wedding dress but I did crochet my daughter's Christening gown, complete with overlay coat and bonnet. And it was pink!

  3. HILARIOUS! The photos are funny enough, but your comments make me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very funny. The scarf with the patchwork pockets you could also use them for pot holders. LOL


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