Friday, November 20, 2009

By hook or by crook

Like so many quilter/crafters, I like to have something to do while watching TV with the family.  In the past that has been either a hand quilting project, or a crochet project. 

Imagine the following scene:   the family gathered together, dishes done, the aroma of a sweetly scented candle, a handwork project to do while settled into a cozy recliner chair and ...
(*screech of brakes*) Toby?!  No way!  It just hasn't worked out  for me to be able to  do any handwork with him around.

   Last night,  I realized that he has finally gotten to the point where he settles down in one spot, mostly on somebody's lap, but sometimes on the floor. Last night was one of the "floor" nights, so  I stealthily got out the crochet thread and hook and started working on making a snowflake.   I had about an hour to get something done before he woke up from his dozing state and decided Mom's lap would be so much more comfy than the floor, and I gave in to his puppy eyes and let him up.   Yeah, he's spoiled, but at least I had a little something to show in the way of progress by the end of the night, and those velvety soft ears are hard to resist, even if they do come attached to a 30 pound dog.

Shown in the photo are snowflakes I made last year.

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  1. I like your snowflakes. Do you hang them on the tree?

  2. Pretty snowflakes. Crochet is one of those crafty things that I've tried but never been able to master.

  3. Oh, you made them LAST year. I was going to say, Wow! you got a lot done in just one doggie nap! They are beautiful!

  4. Em, lovely snowflakes. I think they are so pretty hanging anywhere, but my favorite is in the window. But usually I have real snow outside!! You did a great job on those girl.

  5. Beautiful snow flakes. I love the green and red backgrounds.


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