Sunday, September 27, 2009


 Have you ever been to a quilt shop or quilt show and seen a fellow quilter  holding  a handful of fabric scraps and trying them out against the bolts of fabric?  Well, maybe that was me. 

   Sometimes I want to carry some samples from a project I am working on, or collecting  fabrics for, and I used to just put them in my pocket.  After enough fabric scraps showed up in the bottom of the washing machine because I forgot they were in my pocket,  I started keeping them a little more organized and flat by sticking them inside a greeting card to carry in my purse.  Eventually, I had the notion to attach them to the card with staples or tape so I could see them as a group. 

    Here's a little Easter card that became a holder for fabrics to make a blue, white and yellow quilt.  I just used a stapler to hold them in place:

This  birthday card travelled to at least one quilt show with me when I was collecting fabrics for a purple and green card trick quilt:

An anniversary card got converted to a plaid stash.  The card came from my parents, and I stapled the samples to the back of the card so I could still read the beautiful verse on the inside:

A christmas card became a year long resident in my bag as I collected batiks for a Beth Ferrier mystery quilt I was working on.  I never knew what colors were going to be used in the next month's pattern, and I wanted to be able to remember what fabrics I had used so far.  Every month found a few more colors added to the card.

This sparkly  birthday card contains a sample of gold fabrics.  I don't remember exactly why I needed to keep them with me, but if I'm ever shopping for gold fabrics, I'm ready!

Greeting cards make handy storage for fabric samples, and also serve as reminders of the occasions for which they were received.  I think the senders would be glad to know that their greeting cards have lived extended lives as keepers of my treasured fabrics.

Oh, and if you see me in the fabric store with my stapled greeting card in hand, be sure to say "Hello"!

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  1. Another good idea! I might have to try this one. Thanks. Karen

  2. You have the neatest ideas! Wish I was creative enough to think of stuff like that.

  3. That is such a good idea. I need to start doing that it is easier than hauling a block or two to the store for sure. Very clever.

  4. A great idea, I'm going to use this one for sure. Patricia

  5. what I was thinking as I read your post was that one could use the card as the inspiration for the fabrics for a quilt. I have always know that I could pick a busy print and pull colors from it to make a controlled top, but your cards reminded me that when we see 'art' we like that it can be used to inspire us to good works too. Your duck card is beautiful colors, turq. blue and yellow look great together. thanks for sharing cw

  6. What a fun clever suggestion! I have little scraps of sample fabrics drifting around in my pockets and purse too, so I'll be putting this idea into action!!

    Jeanne :)

  7. What a great idea Auntie Em! Think I need to borrow that one. I have you down for 3 projects in the UFO Challenge. Thanks for including your site addy. That really helps *VBS*
    I did notice that your email is a no-reply. If you want responses to a comment, you would have to click on the "view profile" and change the setting. Hugs, Finn

  8. Thanks for sharing this useful hint.


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