Monday, June 15, 2009

Tired of Hexagons yet?

As I happily continue to make the 29 hexagon flowers I needed for my tablerunner, I lost count and made an extra one. What to do with the extra? Make the project bigger of course!
I had originally planned on a rectangular table runner, but now I'm thinking of a square table topper instead. That means.....I can make even more hexagons. I can hardly believe that the first flower I made took me two entire evenings. Now I can do 2 or 3 in a night. (Depends on whether my baseball team is winning or losing!) Here are a couple of my most recent:
First is this blue one with fussy cut daisies.
And this one which isn't fancy, but is such a pretty sherbert orange color. It reminds me of a creamsicle.


  1. You do such good work, I'd be nuts by now. Naturally the blue one with the daisies is my favorite. I can't imagine making so many, but you go Em !!

  2. Your hexies are just too cute. They are fun to make. I agree, make a little square table topper. Too cute.

  3. Don't know how you're doing it with such small hexes. I'm having enough trouble with 1" ones. Last night, I tried to sew on that top and I just couldn't focus on it for long. Be glad when my new glasses come in. Lane

  4. I'll never tire of looking at your hexagons. I really like the way you fussy cut the center of that second one.

  5. Thanks for the help, I have added the crew to my reading list. hope to see a lot of your beautiful work. be good cheryl

  6. They are both lovely, hard to choose a favourite.


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