Tuesday, September 8, 2015

There's gold in them thar hills...and blues and purples and greens

My  Hillside Houses quilt is a finished top now.

and what once looked like this..
now looks like this:

That's what I call "Labor Day" without the "Labor".

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Yes, it's true.

I am a Trekkie. 

I've seen all the Star Trek series and all the movies, many times each. I own the entire Voyager series on DVD.  It is something that both my husband and I enjoy watching, so when I saw this pattern for a Star Trek uniform shirt, I just had to make one.

 If you ever watched Star Trek The Next Generation, you'll recognize this as Captain Picard's shirt. The pattern is paper pieced and was a free download from fandominstitches at this link.  The whole thing measures just 10 inches square.

I added the details of a tiny red zig zag stitch for the piping on the collar, 
and 4 miniscule beads for the Captain's pips. What fun!

For the back, I used a long-hoarded piece of  Star Trek fabric that I just knew would come in handy someday.

As an added bonus, I used insulated batting so it can be used as a trivet for a hot plate.

There is only one possible way to end this post...Make It Sew!
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Reaching the summit

After a couple of weeks of creative playing I have finished the top of my Hillside Houses quilt.

As I was building toward the top row, the last decision to be made was which fabric to use for the sky.  All along, I had these candidates in mind:

The palest ones looked too washed out compared to the house fabrics.  The turquoise one on the right blended to closely with my church fabrics.  The blue fabric on the top was most likely to succeed, but only if I cut it small enough to keep the bird silhouettes from showing.

I had pretty much decided that I needed to purchase some sky fabric when I dug out this fabric that was hiding among the turquoise:

With all the colors in the houses, this multi colored sky fabric seemed to be the right direction.   I decided to go with it, and I'm glad I did.  It holds its own against the bright oranges and pinks in the rest of the quilt, but doesn't call too much attention to itself.

This has been such an enjoyable quilt to make.  Working my way up from the bottom was an unusual way to approach a quilt, but it made so much sense for this project.  I even love the way it looks at night:

There is a behind-the-scenes photo I just have to share.  
What started out at the beginning of this project looking like this:
now looks like this...
I call it "craftermath".  

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Here is the church, here is the steeple...

What's a little Hillside village without a little village church?  As I was working my way up the hill on my Hillside Houses quilt, I decided I wanted to make one of the houses into a church.

The turquoise house seemed like a good candidate.   It already had one long side with a row of windows.  All it needed was a steeple to make it into a church.

I cut out two rectangles of the church fabric, and a few squares for the roof and for the red house in the background.

From the squares, I made half square triangles and added them to the church fabrics.

Then I trimmed down the church fabrics to make the steeple.

Next step was to add the other parts of the red house in the background.

Here is how it looked when I added it into the rest of the blocks

Ta da!  Ordinary house turned into quaint little village church.  Love it!

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