Friday, October 20, 2017

When Genealogy meets Quilting

When I'm not occupied with making quilts, I'm very likely to be researching ancestors.  On my Italian side, I learned that prior to immigrating to the U.S., my grandfather lived in Santa Domenica d'Aspromonte in Sicily.

Earlier this year, while on vacation in Italy, my brother and his wife visited Santa Domenica and took  this photo of the beautiful stonework streets.

Of course, as a quilter, my first thought was to make a quilt from the pattern.   I brought a copy of the photo to my local quilt shop and picked out these fabrics:

Then I set about using Electric Quilt software to come up with a pattern. I decided to make a table runner.  I did a little virtual design, and  also did some old school cutting and pasting and came up with this:

Here is a portion of how it all came together:

It's not quilted yet, but I expect to have it on my table soon.

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