Saturday, September 6, 2014

Comfort quilt

I needed a quick comfort quilt for my brother-in-law who is undergoing surgery next week.  I had made a red and tan quilt top a few years ago, that seemed to have been waiting for just such a need.

I sent the top to be quilted by Laurena, a wonderful professional longarm quilter, and she did a superb job with a leaves and swirls pattern.

For the backing fabric, I actually had enough yardage of a Hoffman print in my stash.  It was something  that I had bought when a nearby fabric store was going out of business.  I knew it would come in handy someday.

Due to time constraints, I took the plunge and used my sewing machine to sew down the binding.  I'm pretty happy with the result. The busy-ness of the background fabric was very forgiving of any little variations.

Here is the completed quilt, ready to be delivered this weekend:

I think that sometimes a quilt just waits for the right circumstances to find it's perfect home.  In this case, the top was already completed, the backing was on hand, and the color palette was suitable for a man.  I know that my brother-in-law will enjoy having it, and I hope he finds it a nice, comforting quilt to wrap up in as he recovers.

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