Sunday, May 4, 2014

10 Block Pile Up

I'm all caught up with the latest Blogger Girls BOM.  This month the blocks were variations of the "Double T" quilt pattern.  I made the first block to emphasize the "T":
For the second block, there was a addition of a small square in the corner units, which led to all kinds of possibilities.  I ended up using just 3 fabrics and sewing up this one:

To sew the second version, Monica showed a really cool method for making these corner units:

To make two of these units at the same time, you start with a large rectangle plus 2 squares of the background fabric, and 2 small rectangles of the purple fabric:
Sew a background square to each of the purple rectangles, and press towards the background square:
Flip the top one 180 degrees and sew the two units together:
Pressing this unit is the key.  You snip the seam allowance in the middle, and press the long seam in opposite directions:

Draw a 45 degree line from the top left corner towards the bottom, and from the bottom right corner towards the top:

Put this unit right sides together with the large white rectangle and sew directly on the lines:

Cut them apart in the area between the 2 lines, leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance:

Press open:

The measurements Monica gave us made slightly oversized units, so out came my faithful Tucker Trimmer ruler and it was easy to size them to 2 1/2 inch squares:

I made two sets at the same time so that I had four corner units for my block:

Pretty cool trick!

This month we are supposed to make 3 blocks instead of the usual 2, but I am going to wait to make the 3rd one until I see all 12 blocks in case I want to use certain colors for overall balance.

It's not to late to jump into this BOM.  All the instructions for the blocks are still available for free at this page
on Monica's blog.

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