Monday, September 24, 2012

Bagging it

I've been having a little fun making purses.

I made this one using a pattern by Paula Hughes, called "The Potato Chip Bag".  The red patch on the front is a pocket.  There are also 2 pockets in the inside.
and one more pocket on the back
The finished size is 6" wide by 7" long, big enough for the necessities, and great for a day trip when you can leave your checkbook and coupon organizer at home.

The purse is called the "Potato Chip" bag because you can't make just one, and that proved to be true.   I made a second bag for my mom.  

 As usual, I couldn't make anything twice without adding my own twist.  This second bag is a little smaller than the first, (per her request),  and I had some fun playing with striped fabric to add a little pizzazz.

This time, I eliminated the inner patch pockets, and put in a zippered pocket in the lining instead.

I also added a button closure for security.

Here are the 2 bags together:

I have a feeling they won't be my last.

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