Friday, April 22, 2011

Saved by the batik....

You know that feeling of satisfaction you get as you sew the last seam of the last border on a quilt?  Imagine how quickly it fades when you start to iron that last border and you see this:

Yes, loyal readers, that was the front side of the quilt!

The tedious task of removing the entire border and sewing it back on again with the correct side facing up seemed to by my only option.

But then, I realized I had another option afterall. 

I removed just the offending part of the border from the rest of the quilt.

Rrrripped out the  seam in the border where the two fabrics were joined:

And  re-sewed the seam with the seam allowances on the other side this time.

Then I just re-attached the border to the quilt and no one will be the wiser.  (except of course for you, dear readers, but you won't snitch, right?)

Of course, this trick only worked because the border was a batik fabric.

I'll post a photo of the full quilt top when I can spread it out and get a good shot.   Until then, I just needed to share this experience with people who I know would appreciate it.

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