Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Once upon a time...

Way up high,
on the very top shelf,

underneath a stack of tempting Christmas fabrics, 

there was this long forgotten project, just waiting for the right time to be resurrected:

Let's not say just how long it had been waiting, but it was plenty long.  In fact, it was so long  that a sketch of the design was written out on graph paper, so this was even before I had Electric Quilt software.

Inside were some of these:

and some of these:

Some strips were too long, other strips were too short, but some strips were just right.

This project was originally intended as a bed quilt for my daughter, but, in the middle of it's construction, we learned that she was allergic to dust, and that all her bedding would have to be washed weekly.  A quilt was not a good idea for her at the time, so I packed it away and moved on to other quilty things.

As we begin a new year, and in hopes of finally making something with this project, I decided to turn it  into a Quilt for Kids quilt.  First order of business, was to orient the blocks on point so you could see the hearts that were part of the original design:

I had enough of the bits and pieces to create a small quilt top.  I even had a jewel toned piece of fabric in the stash that was almost big enough for borders.  I say "almost" because I ended up having to put white blocks in the corners in order to have enough.

It was very humbling to go back in time and work with one of my early quilt projects.   I saw the flaws and also the potential.  The quarter inch seams were pretty consistent,  although the stitching was a bit sketchy at times.  The biggest flaw was that the side triangles were all cut so that the bias edges were on the outside.  As a beginner quilter, this quilt would probably have turned out quite wonky and may have turned me off to quilting altogether.  (How's that for a good excuse for waiting so long to get back to this?)

There were 3 different white fabrics used.  I'm guessing that I underestimated, not just once, but twice, when figuring out how much to buy.   Now there is yet another white fabric added to the mix because I had to  recut the setting triangles.

I give my early quilter self  credit for even attempting to branch out on her own to make a twin size quilt of her own design, set on point, with 3.5" finished squares.  I'm very glad to have finally seen it to a finished quilt top,  and to know that some child in a hospital will get to enjoy it.

I'm happy to say that after a couple of years of allergy shots, coupled with  some growing up, that my daughter is no longer bothered by dust.  I finally gave her a quilt  this past year, and in a poetic fashion, that was totally a coincidence, the same colors of teal, magenta, blue and purple were used in both.
Then both quilts lived happily ever after.
The End.

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  1. Love the quilt, I am sure one lucky little person will love it too.
    It's nice to go back and see some of the first projects that we made, one can see how much progress has been made in choosing the correct amount of fabric, consistent 1/4 inch seams, etc.
    The first quilt I made .....OH so many mistakes, but I didn't redo anything, so I could see how much I have learnt since then.
    Also love the quilt made for you daughter.

  2. What lovely quilts; I'm glad your daughter can truly enjoy them!

  3. It just proves once a jewel tone gal, always a jewel tone gal :). What a great quilt for the Quilts for Kids.

  4. Both are beautiful quilts! Can't go wrong with jewel tones either. Glad your daughter can now have her very own quilt after all those shots.

  5. What a great project. It seems that it just had to wait for the right time to be finished.

  6. I love the quilt you made out of the old project you found! Someone is going to be thrilled to get it! It's gorgeous!

  7. how lovely!
    I have the electrician here today, putting more lighting over my sewing space, so no xmas projects for me for a day or 2!

  8. What a wonderful story, Auntie Em! And how fun to show two projects side by side that illustrate your journey as a quiltmaker. Both quilts are lovely!!

  9. The Tale of Two Tops! Very good work to go back and finish the one that had languished for a while. they both came out very nicely!


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